Mid Summer Madness

I think I can declare myself as bonkers. Last night I did my 3rd all night Regents Park 100 miler. This time was no messing about and we did it in one push with no mid way break to Brick Lane for coffee and bagels. Only Gabriel and I were doing it and the plan was to do it fast. As such, we met at 1am and the plan was 5 hard hours before timing the 20k time trial for the others and then heading for breakfast.

It all started well with some steadily increasing laps. The rain was intermittent but the wind was strong and it made for pretty uneven efforts through the laps. I was feeling strong after about 60k when Gabriel had a blowout. We were 2 hours in at that point and I felt I was getting stronger and Gabriel had weakened slightly. I was feeling good about it. We then started doing alternate laps pulling on the front. After the first one I started to suffer and it soon became clear Gabriels laps were a lot quicker than mine. It was approaching 4am and I was praying for Kevin to arrive as I’m sure that would result in some easier laps.

On my fifth pull Gabriel came through before the end of the lap and my mental grip just broke and I had to sit up and rest. The next lap we saw Kevin and it eased a little. As the speed built up again I suffered more and more – it was bad enough for me to accept a torq bar from Gabriel the second time it was offered.

Finally I just felt like my legs detonated. It was as good as I could do to turn the pedals a few times out of the saddle then freewheel. I was suffering BIG TIME. Self talk kept me going then without thinking I was sat down leaning against a bin. Soon I could feel myself nodding off (no sleep and 70 miles at 20mph will do that to a guy). I can’t remember ever feeling like this on the bike. Luckily I had enough sense to realise falling asleep at 5am leaning against a bin in Regents Park in the rain wasn’t a good idea and I got back on. The rain increased, I seriously thought I should go home as I couldn’t keep warm. Luckily I’d brought I hat and it did the trick.

Now looking forward to Jo’s arrival and the break the TT would afford and finally breakfast kept me going. Slow slow laps followed and my target edged closer. We started the TT and I managed a couple of lap whilst helping with the timing. By the end I had enough that the ride home would get me to 167km.

Just slept the deepest 2 hours sleep ever and my quads feel shot. Just praying this wasn’t completely stupid and they will bounce back with some rest. Can’t imagine racing the final 5k-handicap race today. Think I will just have to spectate.

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