Ironman Switzerland Race Review

Training has started again for me post Ironman Switzerland. This morning we did 18 miles on the fixed round Regents Park – really just an excuse to go for breakfast. Gabriel joined us and asked about Ironman Switzerland as well as discussing his plans / hopes for Ironman Austria in a couple of weeks. At lunchtime did a brisk 6.5miles – felt none too bad. Not a huge amount of training but it’s a start. Following the weekend feeling motivated to get back into and get all back on track for Kona.

        It’s funny I would describe Ironman Switzerland as my worst Ironman performance but it’s my fastest Ironman™ time. I didn’t have a bad race, in fact I would say that my performance on the day was good and I got as good a time as was achievable at that time. The disappointment is that following Ironman Lanzarote I really feel I should have been in a position to get close to 9 hours but the weeks since that race have not gone anywhere near according to plan. The main problem was my upset tummy (either from food poisoning or an infection) which troubled me during weeks 2 and 3 of the 5 week block. This certainly contributed to my lack of motivation to run. Only 52 miles of running in 5 weeks is not ideal preparation for an Ironman. If I’m honest the run went better than I’d feared. I didn’t really struggle till the final lap when it became a serious struggle.

        The swim was up to scratch and the bike was close. I faded on the last lap of the bike which I think was my own fault. I think I got complacent because it felt I was flying as I was passing so many people but of course these people were a lap behind. The run time wasn’t as I’d hope but the effort was. I certainly pushed harder and more consistently than in Lanzarote and my current leg ache certainly reminds me of this fact. This is great – if I can apply that mental focus when I’m in good running shape I will fly on the run.

        What difference 5 weeks can make. In Lanzarote a colleague from work beat me by 4 minutes. In Switzerland like in Lanzarote we finished the bike within minutes of each other. This weekend he went on to run a 3 hour marathon compared to my 3.24. He ended with a 9 hour time compared to my 9.24. This gives me serious motivation. Sub 9 hours is really not some unrealistic dream.

        Now the focus is on Kona with the small matter of the ITU Long Course in a couple of weeks. Key pointers for my training is muscular endurance work on the run and get my nutrition on track.

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