Pre Easter

Completed a monster week ahead of getting away for easter down to Somerset for some serious biking. The week to date has been my biggest hours of the year totalling more than 53 hours including 529 miles of biking, 90 miles running and 23km swimming. Despite this volume I’ve felt strong throughout all disciplines.

On MONDAY I had a ‘leg rest’ day – ie only swimming. I finally did my 10km continuous swim. not fast – did it in 2h59 … yes a long two hours ;o) This was a mental exercise more than anything. After lunch with my sister and nephew I followed it up with another session. I did a warm up into a 3.8km swim. This took 65 minutes. Then did 1500m pull / drill. It seems to have done me good as on Wednesday night I was starting to swim well. Comfortably making the main set based on 1.30 100s including knocking out some 2.42 200s which felt in control. Still a little ways off the old days of sub 2.30s but they are now in sight and perhaps I’ll even get there before IM Lanzarote. That would be awesome.

TUESDAY was an important day as I went down to Box Hill to collect my new Time Trial bike. A lovely Cervelo P3C decked out in Campag Record. It’s a beauty and felt stable and fast the instant I got on it. I managed to push the pace up Box Hill clocking speeds of 15.5mph – very pleased. The day turned out awesomely. I got up really early to get out there before the sun rose. I went running along the North Downs Way as the sun came up and came back up over Box Hill. A good 2 hours run. Then out on my road bike. I met John and we took in various climbs before getting to Cycles Dauphin for me to sort out the final set up. This done we headed out for another 90 minutes why the bike was finished up. I ended up with 90 miles in just over 6 hours. Then it was out on the P3 for laps around and up the zig zags. It was awesome – so fast, so much fun. I did 6 laps. The only other cyclists were a group doing training reps on the zig zags. I chatted with the coach afterwards who invited me to join them if I’m down in future weeks. Managed a further 51 miles on the  P3 in a little over 3 hours. Had some tea and headed home a very satisfied camper.

WEDNESDAY morning was the usual – out with Jo for a tempo run. I was running fast and comfortable. I felt light… probably cause I am. Approaching the weight I was for IM Florida in November but still about 7 lbs off my Longest Day Weight of last year which is my target for both London Marathon and IM Lanza. I went out for another run at lunchtime. Normally following a tempo run I feel very jaded at lunchtime but not today ! I knew almost immediately that I was flying. I’d done the same run last Thursday in 90 minutes and at the time had felt I was running well. Today I managed it in 83 minutes and this was at an aerobic effort – ie just a say panting for breath. This was comfortable and fast. It really feels things are coming together: the long patient aerobic base build up for 3 months, the run tempo work on Wed mornings and the gradual reduction in weight. Fingers crossed this feeling isn’t arriving too early. Rounded the day off with a run to and from swimming. Again running well.

At the moment I seem to be so motivated for THURSDAY morning cycling. This morning I was wide awake 10 minutes before my alarm. Got out earlier than usual and had an extra lap before the others turned up. We had 6 Tri Londoners out and then another guy joined us. We did laps in a pace line doing spells on the front before pulling over and dropping to the back. Not as much fun as last week but good fun all the same. I managed 63 miles in just over 3h40. Even with a decent breakfast I ended up eating all morning. Unfortunately alot of it was crap.

After a busy morning and lunch at work I managed to get out for a 12 miler mid afternoon. Same route as yesterday, felt pretty good again but didn’t push along as much and found it very tough for last couple of miles. Still managed it in 87 minutes so very pleased.

The days training really caught up with me towards the end of work and I had an incredibly lethargic walk home. I felt so tired that I decided not to swim. Swimming was a bonus (ie unplanned) session so knocking it on the head wasn’t a problem. Decided it’s much more important to get home, get packed and get an early night so I am fully rested to make the most of the Easter weekend.

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