Tough Tuesday

Tuesdays seem to be my best days training. I always manage to be efficient and pack tonnes in. Here’s how yesterday went.

Up early and out running. Legs felt tired but managed 9 miles. I bumped into Tilly halfway and ran the second half with her. This really helped and it was nice to catch up. My plan had been to set out straight on the bike and get some breakfast in Epping I was too hungry after the run to execute this plan (a good sign that I’m heading towards my race weight) – I knocked up a lovely omelette and was on the fixed by 8am. Still running the 78″ gear so was looking forward to an interesting (tough) ride. There was a bitterly cold northerly wind which was a head / cross wind for all but the last couple of hours of the ride. The aim was to ride 5 hours non stop and get a total of 6 hours in. Very pleased with

my discipline as I considered extending it and knocking my swim on the head but resisted. It was hard work – the gearing meant out of the saddle for fairly easy inclines (especially into the wind). Only hit by hail / sleet on one occasion. My lunch of coffee and toffee crisp cheesecake was awesome in Epping.

Back home by 2.50pm. Managed to have some soup, pineapple, pink grapefruit and cottage cheese before heading to the pool and swimming by 3.30pm. Did a 3.8km timetrial. I started a warm up and felt good so just continued for 3.9km to see how long it took. Was feeling strong and fast so very disappointed that it took 66 minutes. I guess that the first 1km was pretty slow as I was warming up. Followed this by a 600m pull focussing on long stroke and strong pull. All done – back via supermarket. Home – prepared dinner for Jo and I – got it in the oven to slow cook. Prepared salad for next couple of days lunch and was sat watching the news with a cup of soup for a quick relax before Jo and I did a 90 minute turbo at 7pm.

What a day. As you can imagine I slept massively well. Was pleased – wide awake at 5am (an hour before my alarm) with a relatively low heart rate. Went out with Jo for her run session. Warm up, 40 minutes at pace, cool down. Out for 65 minutes and 9 miles. Initially I felt tired – my legs didn’t feel up to it though aerobically I was suffering not at all. By about 20 minutes in I settled down and felt strong. I was able to act as a rabbit for Jo. Works well for me as it gives a change of pace – I push it to pull away then ease off to give Jo a target she can work hard to catch. Once she’s back with me we run together for a few minutes then I do the same again. Really enjoyed it.

Managed a lunchtime run. Felt hard for about 15 minutes but then I felt comfortable and pushed it along nicely. Just ran to and from the bike shop to collect my wheels – now straightened following the Lanzarote crash.

Just a run two and from the club swim session to round off a good days training.

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