Painfull Knee

Swimming went well last night. Really nice rapport in the lane and a very interesting main set that helped the session whizz by. Swimming still no where near where I was a couple of years ago when I’d be repping 200s under 2.30 – last night I was hitting 2.50 and thats good for me at the moment. Over the next few weeks I need to ramp up the swim sessions beyond the 2 club sessions. This worked last year in the run up to Florida – 2 months of 20k plus a week and I swam great. For Lanzarote with luck I’ll get 3 months of work like that. Anyway – last night managed 4.1k in 85 mins.

This morning I got up early and headed to Regents Park. only managed 5 laps before I had company. 3 of us had a great mornings ride – the weather was great and the conversation just helped it all fly by. 49 miles on the fixed in just over 3 hours followed by breakie in the Market Cafe – went Paleo which I was pleased about. My knee was sore at the start of the ride but eased off. being pushed off the bike on Sunday certainly did it no favours. I’m trusting at the moment that it’s just bruising and so I just need to suffer with it for a few weeks.

Ran at lunchtime… knee not great at all for first 20 minutes but then eased off and I was running really well. Had a incident with a rather nice Labrador in the park. In all the running I’ve done over the years dogs have always had an instinct and reaction to avoid getting in the way of runners. They get close and may jump up but never just go right in front of you. Well today the dog just went straight in front of me. I went flying in the mud much to the amusement of some girls sat nearby.

So do things come in threes ? If so what about this sequence – pushed off my bike by a human on Sunday, tripped on my run by a dog on Thursday …. I’m getting wary of next monday mornings swim where perhaps I’ll be held under water by a plant or an alien or something….

That should keep you riveted  to this blog !

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