Swim Free Week

It’s been a busy week hence no entry for a while. The week has gone really well on the whole though for various reasons no swimming has happened at all and yet again Monday ended up a rest day. At least swimming is my naturally strongest discipline so missing those sessions at this stage isn’t too critical.

A quick summary of the previous week is probably a good start:

Fri: am – 49 miles fixed, lunch – 8.5m run at pace

Sat: 20 mile (3 hour) run in the North Yorkshire Moors – after 10 mins warm up did 60 minutes at pace ending on top of moors. Then an undulating route home

Sun: 121 mile (9 hour) bike – v hilly. To Scarborough and back


Tues: 107 mile (7 hour) bike in Surrey Hills

Wed: am – 12.5m run, lunch – 12m run, pm 6m run

Thurs: am – inverse brick – 6.5 mile run, 90 min turbo. pm – 2.5 mile run

Today: am – 51 miles on fixed, lunch – 12m run

At the weekend headed up to my mums in north yorkshire. I’d borrowed an Independent Fabrication XS bike to trial. Awesome 121 comfortable, hilly miles. Great section of TTing into Scarborough – about 17 miles in probably 45 minutes !! Coming back I felt super strong and managed to push on all the hills.

Wasted Monday – so spent the day getting a sizing for my new bike. They tweaked my current bike to mimic the proposed position. Went out on Tuesday and felt like I had more power. Could have been the rest on monday or the new position… probably a bit of both. Rest of Monday was spent with my sister and nephew before a very early night.

The rest of the week attempted to follow the usual form. Wednesday was tweaked due to babysitting duties – so got an extra run in in the the evening rather than a swim. Thursday was tweaked cause the snow was so bad there was no way I was cycling laps of regents park. On my run (in a blizzard) at an unearthly hour I met one other runner who had the biggest smile !! The turbo following it was tough. Just can’t produce the power on a morning.

This morning I felt great on the fixed and so motivated. Spent nearly 3 hours going round and round Regents Park. Then at lunchtime to my surprise I felt as fresh as a daisy. The 12 miles whizzed by, at a decent pace without feeling I was pushing it.

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