It’s important stuff ! Still struggling to get the balance right in my training this year. Things went pearshaped more or less as soon as I posted my last entry. I got really sleepy and had a doze. To be expected as I’d only had about 5 hours sleep that night. I should have done the sensible thing and just got into bed for a couple of hours but was hoping to pack in some training in the afternoon.

Anyway, long story short etc… I ended up eating a tonne of crap all afternoon, watched a DVD and got to bed early. The latter two were great but going out and eating crap was not a sensible thing.

I ended up sleeping from 8pm till 7am. This meant I missed my run this morning. It means I’ve missed planned runs for two days now and since Sunday had no run planned I’ve gone 3 days without running. I did get out on my bike thought today and headed down to Surrey. I did 101 miles in a little over 6.5 hours. I was cycling very strong and it’s clear I’m getting fitter. The next thing to get on top off is my diet.

I’m about to do a 75 minute turbo. So despite yesterdays lapse I’ve still managed a pretty decent weekends training.

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