First Attempt At A Blog

For whatever reason, sometime over the Christmas Break I decided that writing a Blog about my training over the coming year would help me keep focussed on the goals for the season. Motivation has been lacking since Ironman Florida back in November and it felt like this would help.

So 2006 ended in style – climbing Kirkstone Pass in the pissing rain into gale force headwinds. God knows what % it added to the gradient but I know I could hardly push my bike over the top let alone ride it. Awesome ride and superb for the mental toughness. Experiences like these can be fallen back on during tough training days and during events.

4 days into first week of training for the year and I’m marginally ahead of my plan for both cycling and running. Today saw the usual early morning laps of Regents park. 12 this time giving me a 40 mile pre work ride. These repetitive laps are good for teaching you to just push and focus on pushing without distraction. In my experience this seems an important skill when it comes to pushing the pace on the marathon.

ran at lunchtime on tired legs and felt good after a couple of miles. 8.5 miles in  65 minutes. Pretty happy all in all.

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