London Marathon 2006

I managed 2.58. Though it’s my slowest marathon I was very pleased with it as the whole thing was rather experimental.

For those that are interested:

My training was not focussed on the marathon but with lots of bike mileage I wondered how my stamina would be for a marathon. On the start line I was with Andy, Jez and Rob and entertained sticking with them at 6 min mile pace to see just how long it took to die. Having had niggles with my knee the week before I knew I would decide quickly the pace I should follow … quickly it was… within 50 yards I dropped off their pace and immediately switched to the steady sub 3 hour plan to get a place for next year. Pleasingly my knee loosened and I got through mile 3 without getting cramp (a first !!) Hit the halfway mark in 1.29 and cruised through the second half in 1.29. Felt strong throughout and was able to push along the last few miles. It was great fun. I also tried out a new pre race feeding strategy – both for the day before, the morning of the race and during the race. Since I was running at more like Ironman level efforts this was an excellent test and the way I felt I think I will be following the same approach for Longest Day in July.

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