Leybourne Lakes Sprint 2005

1 Steven Lord Tri London 00:06:45 00:39:57 00:19:06 01:05:48 G

Five Tri Londoners turned up for the first of the midweek series: myself, Morag, the ginger bullet, Mike Morris and Mark Wharram. John and I arrived early to find that the swim course had changed from straight across the lake to a triangular course… we were both disappointed as the swim was quite unique to this race. Also, due to road works the bike course was now going to require mental arithmetic (Jim be warned) – u had to count 4 laps.

We used the time we had well – John taught me to jump onto my bike in the car park before the race – at last I can do it !

The water was cold ! We had to get out after an initial warmup so they could count us in. I could hardly stand up and was shivering uncontrollably. It was a pleasure to get back in.

My swim didn’t go well – it felt like I was wearing a wet sweatshirt on the tops of my arms … I think my wetsuit no longer fits that well. The swim was hard work, my lips were numb from the cold. I managed to exit the swim in first place. John was only about 15 seconds behind me out of the swim and was well pleased with it.

I was so cold from the swim I couldn’t jump on the bike and was all over the road trying to get my feet in my shoes as I was shivering so much. Two people went by whilst I tried this but once buckled in I put my head down and had repassed them by the first roundabout and was in the lead. I could see John and it was soon clear we were 1 and 2 on the course.

Into T2 and numb feet and hands meant I had to sit to get my shoes on. Into the run I was feeling good and cruised to the halfway point, at the turnaround I could see that John had just been passed and this guy (Emmeric) was moving fast. I put my foot down and managed to win by 16 seconds. John was passed by another couple but managed a sprint finish to keep ahead of the fast closing 6th place guy and came in first VET.

Full Tri London Results:

1 Steven Lord Tri London 00:06:45 00:39:57 00:19:06 01:05:48 G

2 Emmeric Hurault Team

Outrageous 00:08:54 00:39:38 00:17:32 01:06:04 G

3 Des Adkinson Ingarfield

Condor 00:07:58 00:40:33 00:19:15 01:07:46 G

5 John Griffin Tri London 00:00:00 00:47:32 00:20:40 01:08:12

16 Mike Morris 00:09:30 00:40:58 00:21:29 01:11:57

29 Mark Wharram Tri London 00:00:00 00:52:59 00:21:39 01:14:38

85 Morag Duff Tri London 00:09:48 00:47:04 00:34:48 01:31:40

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