Eastleigh 10k 2005

Having raced Eastleigh last year I knew this was a fast course and this year there was no wind to speak of so John and I were hopeful of PBs and getting under 37 minutes and 34 minutes respectively.

It’s a well organised event and got underway almost bang on time at 2.30pm – a very respectable time for a race to start giving time for a sunday morning lie in and a proper breakie.

I managed the first km in 3.23 – bang on my target pace and cruised the second in 3.17 giving me a little cushion for the 4th uphill km. I passed lots of people up this hill and then flew down the next downhill km. This meant I hit the 5km point in 17mins – this was gonna be painful and take concentration to get under 34 minutes. The next 3 km were 3.25/6 meaning with 2km to go I was 5 seconds off pace … this will now start to hurt. KM 9 – 3.21 … now 2 seconds behind pace. I was in a group of 3 all now running our arses off to get under 34 minutes. Jeez it hurt… I could see the clock at the finish from 33.30 onwards which helped me push. Almost dieing I crossed the line in 33.58.1 !

I’m sure john will give a more detailed report in good time but he had a storming race building a big cushion and finishing in 36.22 !

Two PBs ! Fast course to remember for next year. Ever searching for the perfect race … this is almost pan flat other than km 4 & 5 – based on my splits for the past two years reckon the uphill and downhill section cost me about 8 seconds (ie the uphill section was 12 seconds slower than 34 min pace and the downhill km was 4 seconds quicker).

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