Leybourne Lakes Triathlon, 2004

1 Alistair Brown Tri London 00:07:28 00:30:31 00:18:51 00:56:51 MO

2 Steven Lord Tri London 00:06:55 00:32:00 00:18:23 00:57:18 MO

I heard alot about this race and it lived up to expectations. Definitely will try to do one later in the year but will leave 30 mins earlier and attempt to avoid the A13.

Yes… time was tight, Gaelle and I arrived at 6.40pm for a 7pm race… better than Morag who arrived as the race was starting. For someone that hates rushing this was not the best preparation though it did keep my mind off the race.

As it turned out we had plenty of time to rack and listen to the race briefing before swimming across the Lake with the other Tri Londoners to the start. The zip on Ali’s wetsuit broke so he braved the water without one arriving at the other side for the start with a nose bleed – another non ideal pre race prep.

Sighting for the swim to the start was very easy as the beach is pretty obvious, sighting back to the finish of the swim is not so easy as it blends into the background. Only after the race was the top tip for sighting given to me. You first timers for the club sprint champs may want to buy someone a few beers and get them to explain. This explains why at the start I managed a good decent speed but in the wrong direction – probably about 45 degrees off the ideal line. I could see Ali and noticed that I was moving away from him sideways so headed back towards him. About halfway across a guy was catching me so I eased up, let him by and caught a rather nice lift to the finish. I felt rather pleased with myself at such tactical maturity.

I exited the swim second in 6:55, with Ali not far behind in 7:28. The Ginger Bullet had a top swim ducking under 8 minutes and exiting only 30 seconds behind Ali. Gaelle also swam well exiting the water 3rd lady.

The further shortening of my wetsuit legs did the trick with my wetsuit coming off with only one lift of each leg. One of my best transitions but as I stopped to mount my bike Ali went by and I had a prime view of him running and hopping on (mental note to self – must learn to do that). Now my aim was to keep Ali as close as possible (no drafting mind u ;o)) to give me a chance of closing him down on the run.

Minutes into the bike both Ali and I had passed the lead guy so Tri London was in first and second. Soon the Ginger Bullet had also moved up into third place so we were sitting pretty in the top three places. Gaelle took great glee in cheering each of us on as we passed on opposite sides of the road. Despite her using valuable energy cheering us on she was having a good ride passing the top two ladies on the bike to enter T2 as leading lady.

Meanwhile in the mens Tri London entered T2 in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I headed off on the run feeling pretty good about a minute behind with the Ginger Bullet a further 40 seconds back. The aim was to get as close to Ali as possible. It was a nice course and in places I could see him ahead and could see I was closing slowly. Unfortunately not quick enough. Ali came in first, I came in second about 27 seconds back. John was passed by a few runners dropping to second vet and 6th overal.

Gaelle set off on the run leading lady but soon was passed by Jenny Gowans (Serpentines) and Ailbhe Healey. Gaelle felt her legs were stuffed following last nights time trials and though her mind was screaming ‘GO GO GO !’ her legs and lungs were not responding even so she was maintaing contact with Jenny. Soon Jenny stopped due to a hurting back, Gaelle again used valuable energy encouraging her ( great sportwomanship but she’s the competition ). Soon Gaelle was able to relax as she knew she had 2nd lady in the bag.

So a pretty good night for Tri London

Ali – 1st

Steven – 2nd

John – 2nd Vet and 6th overal

Mike – 5th Vet and 19th overal

Gaelle – 2nd Lady and 24th overal

Here are the times for each Tri Londoner. Bike include T1 and run include T2

Name Team Swim Bike Run Total Category Position

1 Alistair Brown Tri London 00:07:28 00:30:31 00:18:51 00:56:51 MO

2 Steven Lord Tri London 00:06:55 00:32:00 00:18:23 00:57:18 MO

5 John Griffin Tri London 00:07:58 00:31:38 00:20:44 01:00:23 MV

16 Mike Morris Tri London 00:09:03 00:34:52 00:20:41 01:04:37 MV

21 Gaelle Lebray Tri London 00:08:45 00:35:20 00:21:44 01:05:51 FO

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