SLMM 2003

Not a tri for me but did travel up to The Lakes for the Saunders Lakes Mountain Marathon.

I competed in the Kirkfell Class (B-Class). The conditions on the first day involved cloud down to 650m which meant that strong navigation skills were required for good times. We had a great run – we had an early start time and before long were out on our own – great running in the mist on a bearing with no-one around. The later checkpoints were tough involving close navigation on pretty steep terrain. At the end of Day 1 we were in 4th place only 3 minutes behind first place and only 30 seconds behind 3rd place. In the chasing start on Day 2 we managed to pass the 3rd place pair before the first checkpoint – they looked pretty wasted on the hills so we thought we’d leave them for dead over the course of the day. Not long after checkpoint 1 we passed the leaders but hadn’t seen the guys that had set off second. Conditions had cleared so you could see other teams ahead – we pushed hard but couldn’t catch the leaders – in fact it turned out they blew us away being a full 19 mins quicker on day 2. And the team starting in 3rd chased us down and ended only 2 mins behind us. We held onto 2nd place and were well chuffed ! Distances raced were approx: Day 1 31km 1,500m ascent, Day 2 25km 1,000m ascent.

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